Any time I have stepped up and become involved with a committee or taken a proffered opportunity, whether through ELAC or my school, I've been able to have experiences that have increased my teaching skills and my personal growth....
Cam Fahlman shares the story behind his Honourary ELAC award - My initial reaction to getting a phone call congratulating me was that the caller had misdialed--perhaps had misread a list on which my phone number had been recorded...

Honorary Members Candidate Information





DUE: FEBRUARY 27, 2017



Nominee's Information




Important Notice


From this point forward, please do not use any identifying information about the nominee such as name, school names, etc.  All nominations will be destroyed after the committee has made a decision.


Please include the following in letter form:


  • Nominee’s Teaching Experience: includes years, grades, courses and programs.


  • Nominee’s Instructional Leadership: includes mentor teachers, department heads, and consultants.


  • Nominee’s Education: includes post-secondary training and professional development experiences.


  • Nominee’s Contributions to the Alberta English Language Arts Community: includes school, school district, province and international contributions such as teaching, presenting, publishing and volunteering.


  • Nominee’s Related Volunteer/Extra Curricular Activities: includes ATA, district activities, and community activities related to language arts instruction.


  • Nominator’s Statement about the Nominee: Explain why you believe your nominee should receive this award.  Can also include pertinent information about the nominee that may not surface in the information collected above. 

By submitting this form and uploading the nomination letter below, you are "signing" this form.


Note: In making application for membership in ELAC, you are voluntarily providing your personal information and consenting to its collection, use and disclosure for all purposes connected with your participation as a member of the council. For more information please see the ATA’s privacy policy at The ATA Privacy Officer is available to answer any questions at 780-447-9400.