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(Maximum of two pages)  Using the following criteria as a guide, describe the nominee’s accomplishments. Include specific involvement and years.

  • has maintained continuous involvement in professional activities;
  • has been an active teacher or supporter of English language arts for the major portion of their career;
  • has displayed excellence as a classroom teacher in the Alberta school system;
  • has demonstrated a commitment to improving student learning;
  • has promoted and worked to improve the teaching of English language arts at the school, system, and/or provincial level and contributes to the professional development of teachers of English language arts;
  • has contributed in some manner to English Language Arts Council (ELAC) at the local, provincial, national or international level on behalf of English language arts such as local presentations, Alberta Voices, Celebrating Words and/or conferences;
  • has supported classroom teaching in Alberta, specifically to English language arts teaching in areas such as professional development, professional publications, leadership, political activism, service/volunteering



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