Teacher Merit Award Nomination Form




DUE: FEBRUARY 27, 2016



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(Maximum of two pages)  Using the following criteria as a guide, describe the nominee’s accomplishments.

Include specific involvement and years.


1.    Excellence as a teacher

2.    Contributions to the development of English Language Arts at the local, provincial, national, or international level (consider professional involvements, positions held, etc.)

3.    Contributions to improving English Language Arts (developing courses, lesson aids, workshops, in-services, etc.)

4.    Other contributions/involvements (extra-curricular, community involvement, etc.)


Please return two copies of this nomination form and supporting resume by February 27, 2016.


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I am a current member of the ATA’s English Language Arts Council and I accept this nomination


By submitting this form, both the nominee and the nominator agree that they are a current member of ELAC, and the nominee accepts the nomination.



Note: In making application for membership in ELAC, you are voluntarily providing your personal information and consenting to its collection, use and disclosure for all purposes connected with your participation as a member of the council. For more information please see the ATA’s privacy policy at www.teachers.ab.ca. The ATA Privacy Officer is available to answer any questions at 780-447-9400.